What we do

What we do

We have a strong presence in one of the largest growing markets – India

You as a company will benefit from having a trusted adviser, partner & sales channel in one of the largest emerging markets of the 21st century. You also benefit from us as a partner who has some distinct advantages.
We both can benefit from bringing cutting edge innovative products into the Indian market and leveraging the immense potential by tapping into one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Our value proposition

Imagine the immense sales potential for your business if you had access to the right people in a far away emerging market like India ! If you knew who is who in business & how to get there first ! The world is looking to sell products and services to emerging economies ! We exactly help you do that efficiently.

Imagine if you had in-depth local business knowledge, know-how on prices &  margins, the market demands, the corporate laws, the do’s and don’t. We are a group of highly motivated & connected individuals having  very strong and unique network & alliance within large corporations, access to the best in class legal advisers & key individuals in Government. We can liaise you with potential partners, customers, suppliers, dealers, tailored for your business. We engage right from the beginning till a profitable deal is agreed and we also help execute, manage after-market service requirements, warranty & claims etc. Beriom is your one stop local partner. We make money ONLY when YOU MAKE MONEY !

Our mission is to bring cutting edge technology from different parts of the world into emerging markets in South East Asia.
  • Identify technologies and innovations that emerging markets need in the area of Renewable Energy
  • Based on the requirements we look for availability of such technologies globally
  • We leverage from our partners / directors in Europe to explore potential providers of innovative technologies.
  • Based on our extensive network with research labs in Scandinavia / Europe we hunt for innovation in technology wherever available.
  • We have a strong network connecting us to research laboratories and universities abroad working on developing innovative products / services
  • Once the relationship is established between the provider and the user we will see through the entire implementation phase from inception to completion.
We promise a relationship based on trust, honesty of approach and purpose.

A great network in India

We have access to the best legal & corporate advisory boards in India

We have the required connections in the Government and can bypass red-tape & bureaucracy

We have a great network of external investors who are keen to invest in innovation

Core values in business

  • Always ethical
  • Always win-win

Connecting most emerging markets

We benefit from connecting one of the most emerging markets of the world to one of the most innovative countries on the planet.Connecting emerging markets to innovative technologies.


Green is the future !